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Be part of the packaging industry revolution

Learn how you can make x2.5 more on average with the same book of business!

The bus is
leaving now.
Will you be on it?

We’re an intelligent packaging marketplace, and we’re moving, fast. We’re growing at a rapid rate, but we’re taking only the best with us. It’s time to get on the bus. It’s leaving soon.

We offer dealers admin support, growth mentorship, tangible tax incentives and more sales opportunities with our wide integrated online network. The time to take your business to the next level is now.

Build your own business, not someone else’s

Make more money

As a business owner of a Packform Dealership your earnings are unlimited.

Increased Sales

Access more customers and suppliers with our constantly growing international network.

Added Security

Own your business, retain full control and sell at any time as part of the Packform family.

Faster Growth

In 2020 we were awarded the fastest-growing tech company in the world.

Dealer Stories

“ The simplicity and overall efficiency of Packform gives me the ability to service my clientele better than I could’ve ever imagined. Speed to market now vs. the archaic brick & mortar service model is unparalleled.“
Sean Lynch
Packform Dealer Chicago, Illinois
“Our three sided marketplace is an environment that makes it simple for manufacturers and distributors of goods to sell their products, buyers of these products to locate or create what they need, and our Packform dealers to help facilitate the process start to finish. No need to over complicate the process in an effort to add value- it’s just buying and selling. At Packform our value is making a pleasant experience for everyone involved.“
Preston Geeting
Co-Founder & Founding Dealer Los Angeles, California

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